Selfie Fish Classic

Selfie Fish Classic


The price of £12.90 includes £2.95 shipping charge.


The Selfie Fish makes it easy to take a picture of yourself holding that fish of a lifetime with your mobile phone when you are fishing alone. It is a light weight, compact device, that can be left in your coat pocket or tacklebox, ready for your next fishing trip.

Just screw the Selfie Fish into a standard bankstick, rod pod or tri-pod then clamp your phone into the Selfie Fish – you can mount your phone lengthwise for those long pike, or upright for those chunky carp!

When you’re happy with the position of your phone, switch it into Selfie mode and use the timer or voice activated App to take a perfect picture. Using voice activation will enable you to control the fish safely before trying to take a picture – great for fish welfare.

The Selfie Fish will fit most mobile phones from 50mm to 85mm long, including the I- phone 6+, Samsung Galaxy and more. It cradles your phone securely in soft rubber and foam so there is no need to worry about scratching it.

As an additional feature, it also has a 360 degree pro mini ball swivel, so it can be positioned at any angle – no matter how steep the bank, or angle you want to take.

The Selfie Fish can also be used for your DSLR camera, just unscrew the phone cradle and attach your digital camera to the 360 Pro mini ball / hot shoe adaptor.

Bank stick or phone not included, but – Selfie Fish comes with a free excuse to go fishing!

There are also After Dark versions available with LED lights, to capture your pictures at night. Please see the other Selfie Fish products


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