The Sodafloat enables you to fish and feed any bait at any distance you can cast. If the bait fits into the Sodafloat (without packing it tightly) you can now fish with it and know that your hookbait is surrounded by a tempting cloud of bait.

The action of the Sodafloat releases your free offerings after it has been in the water a few seconds – giving your hookbait time to settle under the float before the feed is released.

The Sodafloat is loaded so it flies true and straight, but because of it’s unique design, the weight of the free offerings in the float has no effect on the buoyancy of the Sodafloat and it will not dive deeply. If your Sodafloat doesn’t pop up straight away – you already have a bite!

It stands for self-opening displacement action float.

  1. Attach the Sodafloat to the line as you would do any pellet waggler.
  2. Bait your hook.
  3. Invert the Sodafloat and slide the sphere up.
  4. Pour your chosen loosefeed into the bait housing of the Sodafloat.
  5. Cast the float out.

During the cast, the sphere is pushed up against the bait housing – sealing it in. When the Sodafloat splashes down in the water, the air inside the sphere keeps the bait inside the housing for a few seconds whilst your hook bait drifts under the float. During this time, the air contained in the sphere is displaced by the water, changing its density and the sphere now slides down the Sodafloats shaft – releasing the contents of the bait housing. The weight of the bait in the Sodafloat is immaterial because at first it is supported by the air in the sphere, but when the sphere slides down the shaft, the bait is not being supported by the Sodafloat.

  • Fish and feed accurately at any distance you can cast.
  • You can fish and feed simultaneously with any bait, including pellets, chopped worm, sweetcorn, hemp, maggots, luncheon meat etc, etc. In fact, any bait that will fit inside the float.
  • It has a patented design with a built-in time delay, which releases the loose feed after a few seconds. This allows your hook bait to drift under the float to resemble one of the free offerings.
  • You don’t have to prepare your pellets and other particles. They can be used straight out of the pack, unlike a shotgun float.
  • It will not scatter your bait like a spod. When cast, the sphere of the Sodafloat is pushed against the bait housing by wind resistance, sealing the bait in, until it is immersed in the water.
  • It has a loaded base for long stable casts.
  • The air trapped in the sphere stops the Sodafloat from diving deeply and scattering feeding fish.
  • It has a tapered nosecone, offering the minimum of resistance to register a bite when it is dotted down.
  • When the bait is released, it will not ride up like other feeder floats and baggin wagglers. The weight of the feed in the housing does not affect the buoyancy of the Sodafloat.

Sodafloat is a protected trademark and it has a granted patent (GB2484973).