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Introducing the Sodafloat

Have you ever wanted to feed and fish accurately at distance? Now you can.

The Sodafloat enables you to fish and feed any bait at any distance you can cast. If the bait fits into the Sodafloat (without packing it tightly) you can now fish with it and know that your hookbait is surrounded by a tempting cloud of bait.

The action of the Sodafloat releases your free offerings after it has been in the water a few seconds – giving your hookbait time to settle under the float before the feed is released.

The Sodafloat is loaded so it flies true and straight, but because of it’s unique design, the weight of the free offerings in the float has no effect on the buoyancy of the Sodafloat and it will not dive deeply. If your Sodafloat doesn’t pop up straight away – you already have a bite!

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