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PeeJay Tackle
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Easy To Use And Set Up Is A Doddle

I bought a soda float from you at the big one fishing sale on Saturday. I fished with it on Monday at a local pond and was very impressed with it. It is easy to use and set up is a doddle Other anglers were impressed with its performance. Where can I buy some more of these floats please as I would like to purchase 4 of them?

 by Phil Sanderson
Impressed With It

Every now and then someone comes up with a new product which is generally speaking just an improvement to a old one having seen many feeder floats in my time this could be considered as just another one but in effect it is very well made and does the job of most of the other ones (and there are plenty) do very well on its own, managed to get my hands on one today up at Newbiggin and must say was very impressed started with chopped worm and caster fishing around 3 foot deep and soon had the Ide competing for the bait had about 20 in 3 hours ranging from 10 oz to over 2 lbs I secured it on the line with 2 AAA's shot to give it a bit lower sit in the water, quite breezy today but it held its position well. Impressed with it and will definitely be having one in my box when they come out.


An Engaging Product

First impressions count, and this item struck The Carp Tackle Guide as an engaging product that will certainly find favour with those who like to fish for carp ‘up in the water’ or as some call it, “…shalla!” Read more...

 by Jamie @ Against Men and Fish
Sodafloat Review

The Sodafloat was the brainchild of Paul Jessop following a frustrating match when the carp were out in the middle of the lake by a central rope, out of the range that Paul could accurately catapult his pellets and he caught very little. After a couple of sleepless nights and a week tinkering around in his garage, the Sodafloat was born!  Read more...