Peejay Tackle is a family owned firm founded by Paul Jessop to bring the Sodafloat to the market. The idea first came to him during a fishing match at Lambwath lakes in Aldbrough. The carp were milling about in the middle of the lake near a central rope about 30m away, but he couldn’t catapult his pellets accurately enough around the rope to concentrate the fish. After struggling to catch a few fish he packed up after the match but subsequently had a sleepless night thinking about what he could have done differently.

After a week tinkering about in his garage, he managed to produce a prototype from some things he had lying about, including a knitting needle, shampoo bottle and ping pong ball amongst other things.

The garage continues to be the place for his inventions and there are now several products in the development pipeline. It is our intention to bring new products to market – To innovate not imitate.